Where It All Began

After almost a decade in finance we left the glitter and flashing lights of Wall Street for the hacking and hustling of the startup world. We traveled the world (both together and apart), mentored, connected with many inspiring people and worked on our own EdTech, FinTech, foodie and social media startups.

One day on a mountain in Borneo, Malaysia, it dawned on us that the best way for us build an inspiring company we’d be proud to call our own would be to blend our skills in tech, sales and finance and to combine our mutual tenacity and overarching ability to get sh*t done.

Serendipity brought us together as friends and business partners. Now we want to share with other women the joy and fulfillment our friendship has given us. And so, Monarq was born!

Meet Diana and Irene
Diana is a global traveler, hiker, climber, aspiring chef, entrepreneur and forever a kid at heart. She loves to bring people together around a table filled with food and curiosities and never met a math puzzle she didn’t want to conquer

Irene is always learning and often scheming about her next outdoor adventure. She loves all sci-fi, anything techie, and any hobbies for which you need to shop at REI; and doesn’t care much for people stealing her chocolate

Join Us!
Do you want to shape the future of friendship?
The Monarq Movement is about embarking on a journey, wherever it may lead. From awesome events like #SheHacksNYC and #MonarqMoguls Investor & Female Founders Dinners, to featuring social influencers who are passionate about taking friendship back on the blog—empowering women to connect is what we do.

Do you have an awesome idea that Monarq should be a part of? Or maybe you are a blogger with a passion for helping women to reach their fullest potential and you would like to be featured on the Monarq blog?

We are always looking for new partners, ambassadors and friends to help make Monarq better every day.

Let’s chat about how you can be a part the Monarq Movement today!